What I am Using to Learn Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

What I am Using to Learn Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

I am learning affiliate marketing and my tool of choice for learning is NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System).

Early on I was blessed to find a website that I feel is indispensable when it comes to learning affiliate marketing. Every time I go to this site I realize the money I spent to obtain a lifetime membership was worth every penny. In this post I just want to share with you what is available on NAMS that makes it so remarkable and indispensable.

Right now, for me, the most valuable asset on NAMS is the learning dashboard. As a member of NAMS there is a learning dashboard available that has different levels of learning. These levels are setup like college levels and starts and level 100 through 400.

Inside each level there are 14 modules and in each module are learning courses such as videos or exercises to develop an effective affiliate web site. This training is a huge value to anyone that is developing an affiliate website.

As you go through the training, if you find there is something that you have a question about there is a forum that you can post your question and get an answer. The people on this forum will not only answer questions about the courses but they will also help if you have a problem figuring out something on your own website such as use of tools and plugins.

There is also a library that contains thousands of videos. This is not an exaggeration there are literally thousands of training videos in the library, another huge asset.

As a member there are graphics, audio tracks, and plr (private label rights) articles included at no additional cost.

The value of this membership can quickly pay for itself as your site grows and your pocketbook grows.

Oh, and one last thing. NAMS has an affiliate system that you can participate and they are fair and of value.

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