Top Online Marketing Affiliates That I Follow and Why

ElementstoOnlineMarketingIn this article I thought that I would share with you some of my favorite websites that I go to for learning about affiliate marketing and building an internet presence.

These are my very favorites and I am sure that you too will find these sites interesting.


Novice to Advanced Marketing System
NAMS is an acronym for Novice to Advanced Marketing System. The owner of this site is David Perdew. In the past David was with the newspaper industry. He started teaching affiliate marketing and is on of the top website to learn about affiliate marketing. Become a non-paid member and there are alot of perks. make the sacrifice and pay you will get more and more benefits. There are several layers of membership with each layer having additional benefits. Another added benefit is on this site you can signup as an affiliate and make a little bit of income to boot. Now before you go and type in the site manually and bypass any affiliate links…I just want to remind you that we are all in this internet thingy together and it does not benefit anyone to bypass an affiliate link.

Click Newz
Owner Lynn Terry is another stay at home mom that found she had a knack for affiliate marketing. At the time of this posting Lynn has been an affiliate marketer for 13 years and shares her knowledge through her website. I am sure Lynn has multiple sites since I know somewhere she has a site where she sells bobbleheads but I still don’t know what her site is. I really like reading Lynn’s posts since she really does not put any fluff on her stuff and just tells it like it is.

WP Security Lock
Regina Smola is the owner of this site. She fhas carved out a place on the internet providing information, education and services about the hidden hacker dangers that are abounding on the world wide web. I first found out about her through MyNams and I have since been keeping up with her and just checking on what is going on when it comes to securing your website. If you are looking to have your own website then you will want to learn more about Regina’s site.

Smart Passive Income
Pat Flynn is the owner of this site. When he started his site he had no experience with affiliate marketing. He is now very successful and shares most of what he knows for free. I first heard of Pat Flynn from his podcast that I listen to while driving down the road or when I am vacuuming my house. He always has great advice on a number of topics that are all about affiliate marketing. You can learn alot about buiding a site, driving traffic, different ideas
additional income, creating Facebook pages and twitter tweets.

Late Night Internet Marketing
Mark Mason has a daytime, fulltime job, that he works during the day. At night he works on his website and shares his knowledge.
Just like Pat Flynn he also provides advice for affiliate marketing in general. He is different from Pat Flynn in how he explains things. Great infoamtion and this past few years he has added a podcast.

Nicole on the Net
Nicole Dean is a stay at home mom that jumped into the affiliate marketing arena way back when affiliate marketing was just getting started. Nicole has a lot to share for free. She also coaches startup affiliate marketers for a fee. Nicole has many different websites that she earns a nice income from. Some of Nicole’s websites include, and Those are the ones that I know about and there could be more.

Fizzle or aka Think Traffic
Corbett Barr is the person that I know about. He had a website for years that was all about how to build traffic. He still is all about traffic but has added some partners that I am not as familiar with. I mostly follow Corbett for the traffic advice.

Those are the sites that I frequent. Of coarse there are hundreds but these are my favorites.


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