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If you are working at freelancing on the internet then you know how competitive it can be. Here is a great post I found about how to still earn some money on declined articles.

How to Make Content Mills Pay You in More Ways Than Once

By Bill Swan

When I first started writing full-time I went the usual route that many writers take – look online for paid writing jobs. The first two things you always find are content mills and job bidding sites. While neither type of work is compatible to a living wage or even minimum wage, the content mills bring steady income. This you find very quickly after applying for writing jobs viaeLance or similar bidding sites.


I really like what this post has to say about getting fresh ideas for blog posts.

I hope you like it too.

Best Blog Content – 5 Ways Pros Get Great Blog Post Ideas

by Mike on April 19, 2010

in Blogging

 Blog content can be hard to find.

So after you’ve gotten your blog started (Part 1 & Part 2,) chosen the right blogging software and the right host, selected a great free blog template, and even learned some important blogging basics, you’re likely to run pretty quickly run through your best blog content ideas. You need inspiration, and need to keep posting blog content regularly, but you’ve gotten stuck, and you may be struggling to find new things to say.

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