I Purchased An Affiliate Marketing Kit Thingy

So, I purchased an Affiliate Marketing Kit. This kit is called 1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate. 

Anyway, it is pretty interesting. The instructions state to create a blogger site that you connect to Amazon using your Amazon affiliate account and create a targeted gift site that targets a specific group such as teens, or knitters or hunters. 

I'm giving it a try and so far I have created a blogger site called GiftStoreForTeens.blogspot.com. I'm hoping it will get some traffic and I will have it built up by the time people start shopping this year. 

I'll be sharing the results of this experiment. I really want to find out if it works and if it does then I'll report it here. I don't have much to say so keep an eye on this space if you want to know who this turns out.. 

Update on Affiliate Marketing Kit Thingy

In a previous post I wrote that I had purchased an affiliate marketing kit. Now, to be fair I did not spend a lot of money on this kit and it is a do it yourself kind of kit where it guides you through creating the site and picking a subject matter and setting up your products that you are planning on selling. However, as I have gotten further and further into the website development I have found that my greatest challenge is going to be getting traffic to the site which is the same problem that I have this this site. Overcoming  lack of traffic and lack of buying customer is a huge challenge. 

I have created the website. I'm not going to give up because I believe there is a path to getting affiliate marketing up to a point of actually earning money and having that be enough money that it can be called an "income".  Stay tuned for the next update on the "Affiliate Marketing Kit Thingy".

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