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Many many months have gone by without any posts to this website. At one time I found that the website had become so slow and unusable that I couldn’t even post because of my neglect.

I finally have gotten around to posting once again but in order to do so I had to completely rebuild the site and start again from scratch. I copied every post and page I had created to make a kind of backup and then I just deleted the whole thing.

Anyway, after much work and time I again have a site that I can post to again.

I just want to bring you up to speed on what has happened over the past year.

About March 2014 my daughter got laid off from her job. At one time we had imagined what it would be like to join together in a business. I have a technology background with computers that goes back about 20 plus years. She has a technology background that goes back about 7 years in cell phone troubleshooting and repair. When she was laid off she asked me if I would like to add cell phone and tablet repair to my already existing business that I was working on. I said, yes to this and she taught me what she knew about cell phones.

We decided that we did not want to open a repair store because then we would be married to the store and not be able to develop the kind of business that we envisioned. Which was to serve the public that is trapped in cubicle on a daily basis. We worked hard, very hard for 6 months to try and get the business off the ground enough to fully support her salary but we just could not manage to create a full time income for her without opening a store.

At the end of the 6 months she decided that going back to a corporate job was the best solutions for her needs and I continue to build the cell phone, tablet and computer repair business.

Now I finally have some time in the evenings to build on this site and see if I can get it going. My goal is to just see if I can make this profitable and then share my experience with others. We are all in need of multiple streams of income and I am not going to depend solely on my repair business.

I’ll keep sharing my experience. Maybe someday ill have some readers.

And if you are reading this right now. Thank you for taking the time.

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