Methods for Promoting Your New Business

OpenThe Information Age is here and we are all aware that sharing among people is happening at the speed of light. Social media is mostly responsible for the speed that this occurs and it is all possible because of the internet. As of 2012, there were over two million United States users with that growing at a rate of 153%.

More and more people are getting online faster than anyone ever dreamed. With that in mind, as a business owner, we all realize that marketing is not done using the same kind of methods that our grandparents or parents used. The days of hanging out a shingle are the least effective way of driving business to your door or your website.

As a business owner, offline marketing methods are different than they used to be decades ago.  The methods used for offline marketing go hand in hand with online methods and can make a difference when applied consistently and targeted.

We all get direct mail in our curbside mailbox. Direct mail is still effective today as it was before email. Flyers, brochures, coupon, letters, and postcards are all methods you can use to reach your target market. With low cost printing offers the cost can be kept quite low and mailing postcards are also cheaper than mailing letters and fliers, so make sure that make use of this method to maximize your capital. Join your local chamber of commerce and you can usually obtain a mailing list to get your name out or you can use the phone book if you have not already thrown it away.

You may be able to offer seminars, workshops or symposiums as a way to make your business more visible. Conducting a seminar or workshop provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise. You will build up your reputation in your industry, word will spread, and this in turn will help make your business a household name.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is not a lost art. You may want to narrow your target to a community newspaper or a magazine that caters to certain groups of people, such as families with children, boomers, or the young, depending on what kind demographic group you cater to. This type of advertising can be costly, so you’ll have to watch your budget and analyze your return on investment carefully.  Take the time to choose the right publication for your offering that distributes at a high volume.  Also when examining this method of advertising, pay attention to the day of the week or month that the distribution occurs to ensure you will get the highest visibility for your money.

Sponsor a charity event to showcase your business. You can display your brand’s logo and all your advertising material. Make sure that all of your material and signs have your website URL clearly displayed.

As a business owner you want to be a walking advertisement for your business. You are your business mascot but your do not have to wear a costume. You can however, wear a t-shirt with your business name and URL printed on it. You can have a sticker or magnetic sign on your car. When you do this type of advertising, you execute your marketing on a personal level.

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