Make Money Freelancing

Creating multiple stream of income is a great way to safeguard your earnings.

You may have dreamed of becoming a freelance writer. How long ago was that dream conceived. Imagine how it would feel to have your publication printed for hundreds of other people to see and share.  How about reigniting that dream and pursuing it. Maybe now is the time to go after that dream and build on another income. What if you could make money freelancing?

Most people have a predefined image of freelancing. In truth freelancing is a very broad career that includes writing as well as, graphic design, film making, photojournalism, editing, proofreading, indexing, computer programming, web design, and illustrating, just to name a few.

Be aware that as a private freelancer you may not make as much money as an employed counterpart but the exchange of having a more casual way of earning an income can be worth the effort.

Before I share with you some sources for generating earnings, I think that first a solid definition of the different kinds of freelance sites available on the internet is in order.

Revenue sharing site: This is a site that a freelancer would contribute content and share in the earnings and losses generated by the content the freelancer has published. The revenue is usually generated through purchases that are made by traffic visiting the page and clicking on ads and completing purchases. There are hundreds revenue sharing sites on the internet and here are a few.

Content Mill or Content Farm:  A Content Mill employees large amounts of freelance writers. These sites are very similar to Revenue Sharing sites and many times the terms are interchangeable depending on the source. In this case a Content Mill site is a site where business owners, website owners, or other individuals in need of specific content can place a specific request and freelancers can bid or apply to write the content. The disadvantage is it can be time consuming work by the time you figure in research, writing, rewriting and the pay is very low. If you are good and producing articles you can generate a steady stream of income and maybe even a income. On the plus side a Content Mill can be a great learning experience and help with honing better writing skills. Here are a few of the multitude of Content Mill Sites.\

Another way that freelancers earn online is through contracting directly with clients. Clients can be found in a number of ways. One of the first is through sites like Craigslist where you can post a writer ad making your services available. AS always do not meet with anyone that is not public. In fact as a writer you do not need to meet with anyone at all. You can simply make an online portfolio on a site or and simply direct possible clients to the site. Be careful with potential clients requesting a sample writing. Many times someone will ask for a sample writing on a subject and once you provide it they disappear and now have acquired a free writing.

If you are interested in doing freelance work take a look at this master list that is available on the internet call The Master Content Mill List

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