How to determine a legitimate company and offer

HouseComputerThe answer to this question is, yes, some of them are legitimate jobs.

This post will help you with making an informed decision about what is a legitimate work at home “job”, and what is not a “job”. Many offers that you will see on the internet, are just a selling scheme to take your money and then toss you to the curb.  First, let me just say that I have had experience with legitimate work from home jobs that I am about to share.

My experience come from my daughter who as a young mother of two children was in need of work and was able to obtain a real work from home job.

The surprise came when I found out who she was working for. Are you ready for this? She earned a fair wage as an order taker for one of the home shopping channels.

In a nutshell, this is what she had to have to apply. She needed an internet connection, a personal computer, fair computer skills and a dedicated phone line.

To get this job, she did have to apply just like any job, and she had to pass some interviews. Once accepted, she had to complete online training. For her it was perfect if her husband would keep the children out of her hair. She did this work for as long as she could but found that there were some conflicts with the hours and taking care of her family. The commitment to time ended up being the biggest problem for her. The job was easy and she had no problem with the company.

I see online offers all the time that promise $5,000 or $8,000 a month. They want you to join their mlm company or buy their kit for learning how to earn ridiculous amounts of money online. I say, if you have to pay for something upfront then it very well may not be legitimate and I would approach anything like that with caution.

It seems that there is a trend online right now, where they can get the browser to have some fictitious name of a person, that lives in your community, that is a work from home mom, that lost her job and found this miraculous online money making machine. I say, that this is nothing more than a rabbit hole that will take your money and then send you off on your own to struggle with making it work. That is so WRONG in so many ways. It just takes advantage of vulnerable people in need of something real.

The Work at Home Boomer site is dedicated to doing everything possible to find out if a business is a legitimate business or just a means to take your money. My feeling about buying into any business is if you don’t personally know someone or if there are any red flags then most likely you need to follow your instincts and steer clear of whatever pretty shiny object you are looking at. I will always do my very best to provide you with honest and legitimate ways to earn income that you need to survive.

P.S. If you have personal experience with any companies please share what you learned and please remember to be constructive and not destructive.

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