Finding Products As An Affiliate Marketer

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Finding products as an affiliate marketer can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. In this post I’ll share my sources.

Affiliate marketing consists of 4 players: the merchant who produces a product, the network who handles merchant products and payment, the affiliate which is the site that displays the product for purchase, and the customer who makes the purchase.

Assuming you have found a niche that has a demand for information and products then your next hurdle is finding products as an affiliate marketer can be easy peasy. Additionally you will find many information reports, services and e-books that you can sell as an affiliate marketer. Keep in mind when choosing your products that you want to provide a solution to a problem.

If you don’t know what the problems are for your niche you can find out by checking online forums for your keyword or your longtail keyword. Pay attention to what kind of problems keep cropping up on the discussion boards. Make a note of problems, solutions, other products suggested, other websites suggested, other forums and discussions that pertain to your niche. You are sizing up your audience and you are sizing up your competition.  ( I would suggest that you also bookmark the discussions and revisit they when you get your site up and running so that you can create some backlinks)

Another source to locate products to offer, is your local book store magazine rack. If you have chosen a niche that there is a print magazine available, buy one and look at what kind of products and services are offered in the magazine. Pay close attention to the back of the magazine where classified ads can be commonly found. Many of the classified ads will reference a website and there you want to see what is being offered, read comments.

Next check Amazon, Clickbank, Barnes and Noble, and my favorite the Novice to Advance Marketing System , just to name a few, for products, services, reports, and e-books that can be offered to your chosen market to resolve the problem(s) that people are discussing.

Like anything worth while, affiliate marketing requires effort and persistence.

Finding products as an affiliate marketer can be difficult or it can be one of the easiest things to do as you build your niche. Developing a great web site that contains the elements to help drive targeted traffic is the next step.

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