Develop Your Vision to Reach Your Goal

RoadtoSuccessWhen you find something that you want, you internally make a decision. You will either work with dogged determination to  achieve your goal or if the goal is not compelling enough, you will lose interest and will be side tracked by the next shiny object.

In my case, I want to achieve the freedom of earning a living without reporting to a job. I want to achieve it from behind my computer.

You may not feel that way. Maybe you want to start a business such as being a Massage Therapist or a Realtor or maybe you want to build a network marketing business. Maybe you want to do the same as I am doing which is building an affiliate marketing business complimented by freelance writing.

No matter what you want to achieve the same methods will apply. You need to build a vision of what life will be like once you have achieved your goal.

Build your vision in any way possible. Some people create something they call a dream board where they find pictures of a house, jewelry, travel destinations, cars, boats or whatever other things they want to acquire once they have reached their goal.

Maybe you are not very driven by houses, cars and jewelry, maybe your more driven by the idea of being able to decide your own hours, being able to give yourself a raise by working harder, knowing that the work you are doing is yours and you are not working for someone else.

If you have a vision and a goal then develop your vision of your day when you achieve your goal.

Write your story, build on your story and keep your story alive by reading it frequently and even rewriting some or all of it. Your story is ever-changing and while on your journey you may find that there are side tracks that life will hand you. It is still part of the story and you will just need to add a chapter to it while moving toward your goal.

Finally, the most important thing to do to reach your goal, is to actually do it. If you have made a decision to change your life, keep in mind, that it is only a thought until it is backed by action. Once you take action toward your goal and continue to move forward, then you have truly made a decision.

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