Code of Conduct

This site is designed to be a tool for those that have a desire to create a primary or alternative income.

Your income can include any of the following:

    • Internet/affiliate marketing
    • Realtor, therapist, insurance agent or any other conventional businesses


  • Freelance services (e.g. writing, graphic design, web site design)
  • Network marketing or multilevel marketing ( limited to suggestions only and the company must be a member of the Direct Marketing Association. If the company is not a member the posting will be deleted. Spamming is not tolerated under any circumstances.)
  • Direct Selling such as selling promotional products, crafts, etc.


The administrator of this site reserves the right to delete any post at any time without explanation.

There is zero tolerance for trolling, spamming.

Profanity, insulting, or bad language will not be tolerated and posts will be deleted.

This is not a political site and therefore politics will not be welcome since this can become a heated discussion and does not lead to constructive discussions that are the topic of this site.

Please refrain from discussions about religion since this can become heated and does not lead to intent of this site.

Some people have very strong feelings negative and positive about MLM companies. At this time, this site is not intended to be a site for the discussion of the good or bad of MLM companies.

You are encouraged to provide suggestions about how people can create a means of income through a sole business of making money and then provide a link so that readers may make an informed personal decision.

This site does not endorse nor is there a guarantee that you will be successful in any opportunity that you should decide to try.

Success is owned by you and is up to you. You make the decision of your future and how much work you put into your future. How you define success is also up to you.

Good luck with everything you do and please share your successes.

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