Develop Your Vision to Reach Your Goal

RoadtoSuccessWhen you find something that you want, you internally make a decision. You will either work with dogged determination to  achieve your goal or if the goal is not compelling enough, you will lose interest and will be side tracked by the next shiny object.

In my case, I want to achieve the freedom of earning a living without reporting to a job. I want to achieve it from behind my computer.

You may not feel that way. Maybe you want to start a business such as being a Massage Therapist or a Realtor or maybe you want to build a network marketing business. Maybe you want to do the same as I am doing which is building an affiliate marketing business complimented by freelance writing.

No matter what you want to achieve the same methods will apply. You need to build a vision of what life will be like once you have achieved your goal.

Build your vision in any way possible. Some people create something they call a dream board where they find pictures of a house, jewelry, travel destinations, cars, boats or whatever other things they want to acquire once they have reached their goal.

Maybe you are not very driven by houses, cars and jewelry, maybe your more driven by the idea of being able to decide your own hours, being able to give yourself a raise by working harder, knowing that the work you are doing is yours and you are not working for someone else.

If you have a vision and a goal then develop your vision of your day when you achieve your goal.

Write your story, build on your story and keep your story alive by reading it frequently and even rewriting some or all of it. Your story is ever-changing and while on your journey you may find that there are side tracks that life will hand you. It is still part of the story and you will just need to add a chapter to it while moving toward your goal.

Finally, the most important thing to do to reach your goal, is to actually do it. If you have made a decision to change your life, keep in mind, that it is only a thought until it is backed by action. Once you take action toward your goal and continue to move forward, then you have truly made a decision.

Do You Think Your Too Old to Build a New Profession


One of the things that I am frequently hearing from people that are close to or over 50 years old is, “I am too old to learn that stuff”, and I say balderdash!

I know the getting older is not something any of us welcome. I myself find, sometimes I act like I am way older than I really am, when I am not. So what defines being too old.

I think we can all agree, that being too old is a state of mind. In fact, we are never too old to take on a new challenge. Taking on new challenges and goals is what keeps a person young. Some of the most beautiful people I know, are the ones that have the next goal in mind and are working day by day slowly moving toward the prize.

For me, my goal is to remake myself so that my husband and I can have a good semi-retirement. I have had to formulate what that looks like in my mind. That image I have formulated is what gives me the fuel to continue to work towards my goal, our goal.

I think, we can all agree that as long as you are alive and breathing you are NOT too old to take on new and greater challenges.

You can be the one that everyone else says, “I don’t know how you do it, where do you get all the energy?”. I’ve got news for you. Your energy comes from having a dream and a goal, because everyday you getup to move closer to where you want and need to be.

Every person out there, that is, “feeling old”, knows what they need to do. In fact, I am going to be a little bit harsh here and say.

Get off your a*s and get doing.

First and most important, you need make it a non-compromising point, that everyday you are going to spend no less than 15 minutes doing something that falls into physical activity. That may be Yoga, Tia Chi, stretching, lifting weights, cycling, walking, running, anything that you desire to do the out of the norm. It does not have to be the same thing everyday. It just has to be something and you must do it for 15 minutes. Get a timer.

Everyday! This is not an option..period!

Second, and this is for you. Find something that is of interest to you. Maybe you like to make things. Well, visit the book store and find something. Get a magazine that has projects in it and find something to make. If you make it and you decide you don’t like it, then give it away as a gift to someone that could use it and then make something else.

Just to let you now since I really really like computers I am doing what I love and that is working on the computer and helping others to achieve the same. (I am sharing my journey about how I am doing this but also watch for links on my site teach how to do what I am doing)

Third, if you are like I am and you need to figure out a new form of income, I call it, “digging a well”, then get doing. The Well, will not be dug by wishing or thinking about it. Digging a Well, takes a lot of labor and hard work and working on it is the only way it will get it dug.

I have to say, that this post is for me, as much as it is for you. This post at least helps me to feel like I am not alone when it comes to digging my well. Maybe someone out there will read this and be able to relate and offer kinship.

Feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments.

Thank you


P.S. Say this to yourself…I can do anything I want to do and I will just do it.

Do you hear the Rocky theme playing in your head?

How Having a Business can Help Lower your Taxes

The taxman comethTaxes are an expense that every business must take into consideration. Paying taxes is painful no matter where you live or what you do but many business owners do not pay enough attention to taxes. This can be detrimental to the business owner since your taxes can account for as much as a third of your income. Accounting for your losses and gains when it comes to taxes takes some common sense and you will find that you can significantly mitigate and reduce your taxes by learning as much as you can.

In American today, an individual making an average income, is facing a tax burden of as much as 30% to 35%. That is taking into account federal, social security, and unemployment taxes. If you also include sales taxes and/or state income taxes, depending on your state, the number can increase by 8% or more.

Congratulation to you because by having a business you can get as much as around $5,000 of tax free income, however this number can change from year to year. Here are some important things you can do to keep Uncle Sam happy and away from your front door.

Documentation is your greatest friend when it comes to taxes. Every time you record any documentation that has the potential of impacting your taxes you must included the four W’s.

Who – name of the person or place you are doing business with.

What – kind of business. Are you delivering a product or purchasing supplies or services for your business.

When – as in the full date

Where – provide an address.

Documentation must be legible and accurate, so when obtaining receipts on thermal paper, make sure that you make a copy. If you get audited and the print has faded, anything over $25 dollars must have an accompanying receipt so this is your warning, faded receipts are not acceptable.

You can record and store receipts physically or digitally. Smart cell phones are now common for most people and there are hundreds of applications to document business activity. Many of the applications available allow the user to take a picture of a receipt, business card or business location which is logged into a database for accurate tax recording. This information is easily downloaded to a spreadsheet and used for tax documentation. Additionally, many apps have built in capabilities of using GPS in a cell phone for tracking mileage.

When it comes to taxes, having too much documentation is better than not enough so your secret to success is to document every single thing.

On your short list should be driving mileage, office supplies, training classes and business meetings. If you have a business meeting the includes a meal, you can deduct 50% of the cost.

Other deductions can be a home office that is an area in your house that is used exclusively for business. The home office square footage can then be deducted out of your home’s square footage. The resulting percentage can be deducted as a business expense.

Depreciation is another tax credit since things break or lose value. Computers are notorious for losing value almost as soon as the purchase is completed. However, all office equipment depreciates which includes printers, scanners, fax machines and chairs.

If you had a business in 2012 and you missed a few things that you now realize can be deducted, know that you can deduct anything that is less than $25 without a receipt.

If you have just started a new business, check out the apps store for business expense tracking software and start using it so that when 2013 taxes come around you can rest easy.

How to determine a legitimate company and offer

HouseComputerThe answer to this question is, yes, some of them are legitimate jobs.

This post will help you with making an informed decision about what is a legitimate work at home “job”, and what is not a “job”. Many offers that you will see on the internet, are just a selling scheme to take your money and then toss you to the curb.  First, let me just say that I have had experience with legitimate work from home jobs that I am about to share.

My experience come from my daughter who as a young mother of two children was in need of work and was able to obtain a real work from home job.

The surprise came when I found out who she was working for. Are you ready for this? She earned a fair wage as an order taker for one of the home shopping channels.

In a nutshell, this is what she had to have to apply. She needed an internet connection, a personal computer, fair computer skills and a dedicated phone line.

To get this job, she did have to apply just like any job, and she had to pass some interviews. Once accepted, she had to complete online training. For her it was perfect if her husband would keep the children out of her hair. She did this work for as long as she could but found that there were some conflicts with the hours and taking care of her family. The commitment to time ended up being the biggest problem for her. The job was easy and she had no problem with the company.

I see online offers all the time that promise $5,000 or $8,000 a month. They want you to join their mlm company or buy their kit for learning how to earn ridiculous amounts of money online. I say, if you have to pay for something upfront then it very well may not be legitimate and I would approach anything like that with caution.

It seems that there is a trend online right now, where they can get the browser to have some fictitious name of a person, that lives in your community, that is a work from home mom, that lost her job and found this miraculous online money making machine. I say, that this is nothing more than a rabbit hole that will take your money and then send you off on your own to struggle with making it work. That is so WRONG in so many ways. It just takes advantage of vulnerable people in need of something real.

The Work at Home Boomer site is dedicated to doing everything possible to find out if a business is a legitimate business or just a means to take your money. My feeling about buying into any business is if you don’t personally know someone or if there are any red flags then most likely you need to follow your instincts and steer clear of whatever pretty shiny object you are looking at. I will always do my very best to provide you with honest and legitimate ways to earn income that you need to survive.

P.S. If you have personal experience with any companies please share what you learned and please remember to be constructive and not destructive.

Make Money Freelancing

Creating multiple stream of income is a great way to safeguard your earnings.

You may have dreamed of becoming a freelance writer. How long ago was that dream conceived. Imagine how it would feel to have your publication printed for hundreds of other people to see and share.  How about reigniting that dream and pursuing it. Maybe now is the time to go after that dream and build on another income. What if you could make money freelancing?

Most people have a predefined image of freelancing. In truth freelancing is a very broad career that includes writing as well as, graphic design, film making, photojournalism, editing, proofreading, indexing, computer programming, web design, and illustrating, just to name a few.

Be aware that as a private freelancer you may not make as much money as an employed counterpart but the exchange of having a more casual way of earning an income can be worth the effort.

Before I share with you some sources for generating earnings, I think that first a solid definition of the different kinds of freelance sites available on the internet is in order.

Revenue sharing site: This is a site that a freelancer would contribute content and share in the earnings and losses generated by the content the freelancer has published. The revenue is usually generated through purchases that are made by traffic visiting the page and clicking on ads and completing purchases. There are hundreds revenue sharing sites on the internet and here are a few.

Content Mill or Content Farm:  A Content Mill employees large amounts of freelance writers. These sites are very similar to Revenue Sharing sites and many times the terms are interchangeable depending on the source. In this case a Content Mill site is a site where business owners, website owners, or other individuals in need of specific content can place a specific request and freelancers can bid or apply to write the content. The disadvantage is it can be time consuming work by the time you figure in research, writing, rewriting and the pay is very low. If you are good and producing articles you can generate a steady stream of income and maybe even a income. On the plus side a Content Mill can be a great learning experience and help with honing better writing skills. Here are a few of the multitude of Content Mill Sites.\

Another way that freelancers earn online is through contracting directly with clients. Clients can be found in a number of ways. One of the first is through sites like Craigslist where you can post a writer ad making your services available. AS always do not meet with anyone that is not public. In fact as a writer you do not need to meet with anyone at all. You can simply make an online portfolio on a site or and simply direct possible clients to the site. Be careful with potential clients requesting a sample writing. Many times someone will ask for a sample writing on a subject and once you provide it they disappear and now have acquired a free writing.

If you are interested in doing freelance work take a look at this master list that is available on the internet call The Master Content Mill List

Also on my Tips & Curation Page, read the article I found by Bill Swan, How to Make Content Mills Pay You in More Ways Than One

Methods for Promoting Your New Business

OpenThe Information Age is here and we are all aware that sharing among people is happening at the speed of light. Social media is mostly responsible for the speed that this occurs and it is all possible because of the internet. As of 2012, there were over two million United States users with that growing at a rate of 153%.

More and more people are getting online faster than anyone ever dreamed. With that in mind, as a business owner, we all realize that marketing is not done using the same kind of methods that our grandparents or parents used. The days of hanging out a shingle are the least effective way of driving business to your door or your website.

As a business owner, offline marketing methods are different than they used to be decades ago.  The methods used for offline marketing go hand in hand with online methods and can make a difference when applied consistently and targeted.

We all get direct mail in our curbside mailbox. Direct mail is still effective today as it was before email. Flyers, brochures, coupon, letters, and postcards are all methods you can use to reach your target market. With low cost printing offers the cost can be kept quite low and mailing postcards are also cheaper than mailing letters and fliers, so make sure that make use of this method to maximize your capital. Join your local chamber of commerce and you can usually obtain a mailing list to get your name out or you can use the phone book if you have not already thrown it away.

You may be able to offer seminars, workshops or symposiums as a way to make your business more visible. Conducting a seminar or workshop provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise. You will build up your reputation in your industry, word will spread, and this in turn will help make your business a household name.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is not a lost art. You may want to narrow your target to a community newspaper or a magazine that caters to certain groups of people, such as families with children, boomers, or the young, depending on what kind demographic group you cater to. This type of advertising can be costly, so you’ll have to watch your budget and analyze your return on investment carefully.  Take the time to choose the right publication for your offering that distributes at a high volume.  Also when examining this method of advertising, pay attention to the day of the week or month that the distribution occurs to ensure you will get the highest visibility for your money.

Sponsor a charity event to showcase your business. You can display your brand’s logo and all your advertising material. Make sure that all of your material and signs have your website URL clearly displayed.

As a business owner you want to be a walking advertisement for your business. You are your business mascot but your do not have to wear a costume. You can however, wear a t-shirt with your business name and URL printed on it. You can have a sticker or magnetic sign on your car. When you do this type of advertising, you execute your marketing on a personal level.

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