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1. Why these places are hot?
2. How can they bring more traffic?
3. You can know what people want at that very time by going to this places.
4. You can get blog ideas and cool information  to write your next blog post.
5. Your next blog post goes viral because you just wrote what people want.
6. People will recommend your content to others as it’s the current hot topic.

Read the entire post via 6 Hot Places to Find Great Blog Ideas and Attract Huge Traffic.

Finding Products As An Affiliate Marketer

6 Steps to Implementing Big Ideas

Finding products as an affiliate marketer can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. In this post I’ll share my sources.

Affiliate marketing consists of 4 players: the merchant who produces a product, the network who handles merchant products and payment, the affiliate which is the site that displays the product for purchase, and the customer who makes the purchase.

Assuming you have found a niche that has a demand for information and products then your next hurdle is finding products as an affiliate marketer can be easy peasy. Additionally you will find many information reports, services and e-books that you can sell as an affiliate marketer. Keep in mind when choosing your products that you want to provide a solution to a problem.

If you don’t know what the problems are for your niche you can find out by checking online forums for your keyword or your longtail keyword. Pay attention to what kind of problems keep cropping up on the discussion boards. Make a note of problems, solutions, other products suggested, other websites suggested, other forums and discussions that pertain to your niche. You are sizing up your audience and you are sizing up your competition.  ( I would suggest that you also bookmark the discussions and revisit they when you get your site up and running so that you can create some backlinks)

Another source to locate products to offer, is your local book store magazine rack. If you have chosen a niche that there is a print magazine available, buy one and look at what kind of products and services are offered in the magazine. Pay close attention to the back of the magazine where classified ads can be commonly found. Many of the classified ads will reference a website and there you want to see what is being offered, read comments.

Next check Amazon, Clickbank, Barnes and Noble, and my favorite the Novice to Advance Marketing System , just to name a few, for products, services, reports, and e-books that can be offered to your chosen market to resolve the problem(s) that people are discussing.

Like anything worth while, affiliate marketing requires effort and persistence.

Finding products as an affiliate marketer can be difficult or it can be one of the easiest things to do as you build your niche. Developing a great web site that contains the elements to help drive targeted traffic is the next step.

First Things First, what is WordPress and do I want to use it.txt

What the heck is WordPressWhen I first started entertaining the idea of starting a website/blog about building an online business. There were areas in my knowledge that were gray.

My expertise is in computers but not in the world-wide web systems. Whether you are computer literate or not, you don’t know what you don’t know. Are you willing and able to learn? So as I learn you can learn also and we can make this work together.

In the past I had heard a lot about WordPress. I knew WordPress was a blog site where you can create a blog for free. What I did not know, was that WordPress is a complete CMS (Content Management System).

Wikipedia defines CMS as the following: A content management system (CMS) is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.

I am the kind of person that I have to know exactly how everything works and functions and even with that definition I still did not understand exactly what WordPress was. So here is my definition and maybe it will help you.

WordPress is a template system that provides all kinds of layouts for your site and has a nice friendly interface for modification of the template.

You can choose basic layouts from hundreds of choices and then modify the settings by adding plugins and then drag and drop to change the basic interface.

If you want to learn it without any cost you can start by creating a blog on the WordPress website for free. I personally learned how to modify similar templates by creating a free blog on Blogger which is the Google free blog site.

I personally like Blogger because it allows the adminstrator to monetize the blog. To create your own free blog on Blogger click How to Create a Free Blog using Blogger

The best way to learn is just jump in and try it out on one of the free ones out on the great world-wide web.

The next question was, do I want to use WordPress and the answer is “Yes”. The reason to go with WordPress is it has become an industry standard. Another compelling reason is the alternative options to WordPress such as Frontpage, HTML, PHP, Joomla, and that is just a few. All of which have a significant learning curve.

With WordPress, you can and may use some HTML and possibly even PHP but even if you do not know one lick of either, you can create a great looking and professional website with just the WordPress interface.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help you so just post your comment and I’ll do everything I can to help you.

How Having a Business can Help Lower your Taxes

The taxman comethTaxes are an expense that every business must take into consideration. Paying taxes is painful no matter where you live or what you do but many business owners do not pay enough attention to taxes. This can be detrimental to the business owner since your taxes can account for as much as a third of your income. Accounting for your losses and gains when it comes to taxes takes some common sense and you will find that you can significantly mitigate and reduce your taxes by learning as much as you can.

In American today, an individual making an average income, is facing a tax burden of as much as 30% to 35%. That is taking into account federal, social security, and unemployment taxes. If you also include sales taxes and/or state income taxes, depending on your state, the number can increase by 8% or more.

Congratulation to you because by having a business you can get as much as around $5,000 of tax free income, however this number can change from year to year. Here are some important things you can do to keep Uncle Sam happy and away from your front door.

Documentation is your greatest friend when it comes to taxes. Every time you record any documentation that has the potential of impacting your taxes you must included the four W’s.

Who – name of the person or place you are doing business with.

What – kind of business. Are you delivering a product or purchasing supplies or services for your business.

When – as in the full date

Where – provide an address.

Documentation must be legible and accurate, so when obtaining receipts on thermal paper, make sure that you make a copy. If you get audited and the print has faded, anything over $25 dollars must have an accompanying receipt so this is your warning, faded receipts are not acceptable.

You can record and store receipts physically or digitally. Smart cell phones are now common for most people and there are hundreds of applications to document business activity. Many of the applications available allow the user to take a picture of a receipt, business card or business location which is logged into a database for accurate tax recording. This information is easily downloaded to a spreadsheet and used for tax documentation. Additionally, many apps have built in capabilities of using GPS in a cell phone for tracking mileage.

When it comes to taxes, having too much documentation is better than not enough so your secret to success is to document every single thing.

On your short list should be driving mileage, office supplies, training classes and business meetings. If you have a business meeting the includes a meal, you can deduct 50% of the cost.

Other deductions can be a home office that is an area in your house that is used exclusively for business. The home office square footage can then be deducted out of your home’s square footage. The resulting percentage can be deducted as a business expense.

Depreciation is another tax credit since things break or lose value. Computers are notorious for losing value almost as soon as the purchase is completed. However, all office equipment depreciates which includes printers, scanners, fax machines and chairs.

If you had a business in 2012 and you missed a few things that you now realize can be deducted, know that you can deduct anything that is less than $25 without a receipt.

If you have just started a new business, check out the apps store for business expense tracking software and start using it so that when 2013 taxes come around you can rest easy.

How I Decided What My Niche was going to be

MagazineThe very first decision any affiliate marketing business owner must do is, decide on a niche. 

Choosing a niche, can be a challenge but there are some simple rules and techniques that can help with making a final decision.

First, would be to keep in mind that whatever niche you choose, you will need to be able to  write about it for a long time and ask yourself if you can come up with enough material.

Many online training programs ask the reader, can you write about the subject week after week and not lose interest? Are you passionate about the niche in question? Do you truly enjoy the topic?


Second, is to consider if the niche may become obsolete over time or do you want to find a niche that is timeless.

An example of a niche that could quickly become obsolete is anything that has to do with technology. Just in the past 5 years or less computers, cell phones and tablets have changed drastically. This does not have to be a problem as long as you are being very specific in the material you provide so that the reader can determine if the information is up to date.

If you would rather have a niche that is timeless then consider something like crafts, woodworking, cooking, barbecue and grilling, landscaping, the list can be endless. 

Additionally, can you be an expert on that subject and provide information that is interesting and valuable to the reader.

If you can answer yes, to each of those questions, you may have found your niche. If your answer is, I’m not sure, and then maybe keep on looking.

One of the best resources for exploring niches is any book store that has the biggest magazine rack you can find. 

Magazines are one of the best resources you can have when it comes to picking a niche, coming up with article ideas, and locating affiliate offers.  If there is a magazine on a subject then there is an audience and there are ads.

Find a few magazines that you really, really like and buy them. Then sit down and take the time to examine them.

Here are a few things that you want to look at:

What kind of information is being provided in the articles? Look at the table of contents, subject matter, and classified ads if available.

What kind of ads are in the magazine and do the companies have an affiliate program?

If there is a classified section, what kind of offerings are there?

How long has the magazine been in print and what is the circulation?

Next, check Amazon online and do a search on the niche you are considering. Can you find products and materials about it and does it appear to be popular? Are there reviews about the products? And make sure you check in Amazon where it says, “customers who bought this item also bought”, since that will help to develop your site.

If you think you have found your niche then forge ahead. Don’t let fears or the possibility that someone else is already doing your niche stop you.

Think about this, what if an automobile dealership decided not to open because there was already an automobile dealership in the area. That would not make sense, right.

Just because there are already bunches of cooking sites or bunches of hot rod sites, does not mean you cannot compete. Your voice is unique and people will connect with you, just give them what they want.

You can always change your mind down the road and make another niche on another site.

The important thing right now is to get started.

How to determine a legitimate company and offer

HouseComputerThe answer to this question is, yes, some of them are legitimate jobs.

This post will help you with making an informed decision about what is a legitimate work at home “job”, and what is not a “job”. Many offers that you will see on the internet, are just a selling scheme to take your money and then toss you to the curb.  First, let me just say that I have had experience with legitimate work from home jobs that I am about to share.

My experience come from my daughter who as a young mother of two children was in need of work and was able to obtain a real work from home job.

The surprise came when I found out who she was working for. Are you ready for this? She earned a fair wage as an order taker for one of the home shopping channels.

In a nutshell, this is what she had to have to apply. She needed an internet connection, a personal computer, fair computer skills and a dedicated phone line.

To get this job, she did have to apply just like any job, and she had to pass some interviews. Once accepted, she had to complete online training. For her it was perfect if her husband would keep the children out of her hair. She did this work for as long as she could but found that there were some conflicts with the hours and taking care of her family. The commitment to time ended up being the biggest problem for her. The job was easy and she had no problem with the company.

I see online offers all the time that promise $5,000 or $8,000 a month. They want you to join their mlm company or buy their kit for learning how to earn ridiculous amounts of money online. I say, if you have to pay for something upfront then it very well may not be legitimate and I would approach anything like that with caution.

It seems that there is a trend online right now, where they can get the browser to have some fictitious name of a person, that lives in your community, that is a work from home mom, that lost her job and found this miraculous online money making machine. I say, that this is nothing more than a rabbit hole that will take your money and then send you off on your own to struggle with making it work. That is so WRONG in so many ways. It just takes advantage of vulnerable people in need of something real.

The Work at Home Boomer site is dedicated to doing everything possible to find out if a business is a legitimate business or just a means to take your money. My feeling about buying into any business is if you don’t personally know someone or if there are any red flags then most likely you need to follow your instincts and steer clear of whatever pretty shiny object you are looking at. I will always do my very best to provide you with honest and legitimate ways to earn income that you need to survive.

P.S. If you have personal experience with any companies please share what you learned and please remember to be constructive and not destructive.

Make Money Freelancing

Creating multiple stream of income is a great way to safeguard your earnings.

You may have dreamed of becoming a freelance writer. How long ago was that dream conceived. Imagine how it would feel to have your publication printed for hundreds of other people to see and share.  How about reigniting that dream and pursuing it. Maybe now is the time to go after that dream and build on another income. What if you could make money freelancing?

Most people have a predefined image of freelancing. In truth freelancing is a very broad career that includes writing as well as, graphic design, film making, photojournalism, editing, proofreading, indexing, computer programming, web design, and illustrating, just to name a few.

Be aware that as a private freelancer you may not make as much money as an employed counterpart but the exchange of having a more casual way of earning an income can be worth the effort.

Before I share with you some sources for generating earnings, I think that first a solid definition of the different kinds of freelance sites available on the internet is in order.

Revenue sharing site: This is a site that a freelancer would contribute content and share in the earnings and losses generated by the content the freelancer has published. The revenue is usually generated through purchases that are made by traffic visiting the page and clicking on ads and completing purchases. There are hundreds revenue sharing sites on the internet and here are a few.

Content Mill or Content Farm:  A Content Mill employees large amounts of freelance writers. These sites are very similar to Revenue Sharing sites and many times the terms are interchangeable depending on the source. In this case a Content Mill site is a site where business owners, website owners, or other individuals in need of specific content can place a specific request and freelancers can bid or apply to write the content. The disadvantage is it can be time consuming work by the time you figure in research, writing, rewriting and the pay is very low. If you are good and producing articles you can generate a steady stream of income and maybe even a income. On the plus side a Content Mill can be a great learning experience and help with honing better writing skills. Here are a few of the multitude of Content Mill Sites.\

Another way that freelancers earn online is through contracting directly with clients. Clients can be found in a number of ways. One of the first is through sites like Craigslist where you can post a writer ad making your services available. AS always do not meet with anyone that is not public. In fact as a writer you do not need to meet with anyone at all. You can simply make an online portfolio on a site or and simply direct possible clients to the site. Be careful with potential clients requesting a sample writing. Many times someone will ask for a sample writing on a subject and once you provide it they disappear and now have acquired a free writing.

If you are interested in doing freelance work take a look at this master list that is available on the internet call The Master Content Mill List

Also on my Tips & Curation Page, read the article I found by Bill Swan, How to Make Content Mills Pay You in More Ways Than One

Methods for Promoting Your New Business

OpenThe Information Age is here and we are all aware that sharing among people is happening at the speed of light. Social media is mostly responsible for the speed that this occurs and it is all possible because of the internet. As of 2012, there were over two million United States users with that growing at a rate of 153%.

More and more people are getting online faster than anyone ever dreamed. With that in mind, as a business owner, we all realize that marketing is not done using the same kind of methods that our grandparents or parents used. The days of hanging out a shingle are the least effective way of driving business to your door or your website.

As a business owner, offline marketing methods are different than they used to be decades ago.  The methods used for offline marketing go hand in hand with online methods and can make a difference when applied consistently and targeted.

We all get direct mail in our curbside mailbox. Direct mail is still effective today as it was before email. Flyers, brochures, coupon, letters, and postcards are all methods you can use to reach your target market. With low cost printing offers the cost can be kept quite low and mailing postcards are also cheaper than mailing letters and fliers, so make sure that make use of this method to maximize your capital. Join your local chamber of commerce and you can usually obtain a mailing list to get your name out or you can use the phone book if you have not already thrown it away.

You may be able to offer seminars, workshops or symposiums as a way to make your business more visible. Conducting a seminar or workshop provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise. You will build up your reputation in your industry, word will spread, and this in turn will help make your business a household name.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is not a lost art. You may want to narrow your target to a community newspaper or a magazine that caters to certain groups of people, such as families with children, boomers, or the young, depending on what kind demographic group you cater to. This type of advertising can be costly, so you’ll have to watch your budget and analyze your return on investment carefully.  Take the time to choose the right publication for your offering that distributes at a high volume.  Also when examining this method of advertising, pay attention to the day of the week or month that the distribution occurs to ensure you will get the highest visibility for your money.

Sponsor a charity event to showcase your business. You can display your brand’s logo and all your advertising material. Make sure that all of your material and signs have your website URL clearly displayed.

As a business owner you want to be a walking advertisement for your business. You are your business mascot but your do not have to wear a costume. You can however, wear a t-shirt with your business name and URL printed on it. You can have a sticker or magnetic sign on your car. When you do this type of advertising, you execute your marketing on a personal level.

Top Online Marketing Affiliates That I Follow and Why

ElementstoOnlineMarketingIn this article I thought that I would share with you some of my favorite websites that I go to for learning about affiliate marketing and building an internet presence.

These are my very favorites and I am sure that you too will find these sites interesting.


Novice to Advanced Marketing System
NAMS is an acronym for Novice to Advanced Marketing System. The owner of this site is David Perdew. In the past David was with the newspaper industry. He started teaching affiliate marketing and is on of the top website to learn about affiliate marketing. Become a non-paid member and there are alot of perks. make the sacrifice and pay you will get more and more benefits. There are several layers of membership with each layer having additional benefits. Another added benefit is on this site you can signup as an affiliate and make a little bit of income to boot. Now before you go and type in the site manually and bypass any affiliate links…I just want to remind you that we are all in this internet thingy together and it does not benefit anyone to bypass an affiliate link.

Click Newz
Owner Lynn Terry is another stay at home mom that found she had a knack for affiliate marketing. At the time of this posting Lynn has been an affiliate marketer for 13 years and shares her knowledge through her website. I am sure Lynn has multiple sites since I know somewhere she has a site where she sells bobbleheads but I still don’t know what her site is. I really like reading Lynn’s posts since she really does not put any fluff on her stuff and just tells it like it is.

WP Security Lock
Regina Smola is the owner of this site. She fhas carved out a place on the internet providing information, education and services about the hidden hacker dangers that are abounding on the world wide web. I first found out about her through MyNams and I have since been keeping up with her and just checking on what is going on when it comes to securing your website. If you are looking to have your own website then you will want to learn more about Regina’s site.

Smart Passive Income
Pat Flynn is the owner of this site. When he started his site he had no experience with affiliate marketing. He is now very successful and shares most of what he knows for free. I first heard of Pat Flynn from his podcast that I listen to while driving down the road or when I am vacuuming my house. He always has great advice on a number of topics that are all about affiliate marketing. You can learn alot about buiding a site, driving traffic, different ideas
additional income, creating Facebook pages and twitter tweets.

Late Night Internet Marketing
Mark Mason has a daytime, fulltime job, that he works during the day. At night he works on his website and shares his knowledge.
Just like Pat Flynn he also provides advice for affiliate marketing in general. He is different from Pat Flynn in how he explains things. Great infoamtion and this past few years he has added a podcast.

Nicole on the Net
Nicole Dean is a stay at home mom that jumped into the affiliate marketing arena way back when affiliate marketing was just getting started. Nicole has a lot to share for free. She also coaches startup affiliate marketers for a fee. Nicole has many different websites that she earns a nice income from. Some of Nicole’s websites include, and Those are the ones that I know about and there could be more.

Fizzle or aka Think Traffic
Corbett Barr is the person that I know about. He had a website for years that was all about how to build traffic. He still is all about traffic but has added some partners that I am not as familiar with. I mostly follow Corbett for the traffic advice.

Those are the sites that I frequent. Of coarse there are hundreds but these are my favorites.


Triple Your Success Rate By Finding a Well Planned Affiliate Marketing Program

OnlineMarketing250x155We all wish for it, something that is simple, something that is easy, and something that is successful. When it comes to affiliate marketing it needs to be simple and if you put in the work you will be successful, but it is not necessarily easy. Finding a good affiliate marketing program can be the closest thing to plug and play business in Internet marketing. 


The key to success in any business is having a ‘system’ and that is what is needed with a well planned program. Think about it this way, not only do you have a great product and sales letter, but the very well planned programs are jammed with ready-to-go support materials. 


These can include banner ads of all shapes and sizes, text links, ready-to-go emails, blog posts, and even a short report that the affiliate can use as a freebie incentive for auto responder sign-ups.  You can certainly make your own, but why do that if you can find a set up already to go?

It pays to look into the affiliate programs simply because a good one saves you time not having to design and write all of the promotional materials.  Even the blog posts just need to be tweaked a bit to make them different from others like them.

Aside from that, many top product owners run contests between affiliates just to make it interesting.  These incentives can range from gift certificates to actual gifts like computer software or even flat screen TVs. 

To find out if a certain product has an affiliate program, you do one of three things: look for a link either at the top or at the very bottom of the page that says “affiliates” or “partners” and click.  Or you can type into Google “the name of the product + affiliate program” and if there is an affiliate program it should return near the top of the list. And of course, check out places like ClickBank or PayDotCom to see if it’s listed.

It will save you time and money in the end if you take the time to look for a strong affiliate marketing program.

What I am Using to Learn Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

What I am Using to Learn Affiliate Marketing on the Internet

I am learning affiliate marketing and my tool of choice for learning is NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing System).

Early on I was blessed to find a website that I feel is indispensable when it comes to learning affiliate marketing. Every time I go to this site I realize the money I spent to obtain a lifetime membership was worth every penny. In this post I just want to share with you what is available on NAMS that makes it so remarkable and indispensable.

Right now, for me, the most valuable asset on NAMS is the learning dashboard. As a member of NAMS there is a learning dashboard available that has different levels of learning. These levels are setup like college levels and starts and level 100 through 400.

Inside each level there are 14 modules and in each module are learning courses such as videos or exercises to develop an effective affiliate web site. This training is a huge value to anyone that is developing an affiliate website.

As you go through the training, if you find there is something that you have a question about there is a forum that you can post your question and get an answer. The people on this forum will not only answer questions about the courses but they will also help if you have a problem figuring out something on your own website such as use of tools and plugins.

There is also a library that contains thousands of videos. This is not an exaggeration there are literally thousands of training videos in the library, another huge asset.

As a member there are graphics, audio tracks, and plr (private label rights) articles included at no additional cost.

The value of this membership can quickly pay for itself as your site grows and your pocketbook grows.

Oh, and one last thing. NAMS has an affiliate system that you can participate and they are fair and of value.

Which Free E-Mail Service is Right for You

Email If you are trying to build a business online and find that you need some kind of e-mail or auto-responder, then this post may help you in your research.

Right now, as of the writing of this post I don’t have very much need for a paid e-mail responder. In fact, I don’t think I am getting 10 visits a day to my webpage. What I have decided is that I a simple e-mail system just for the purpose of learning how to create one so that when I do get a paid responder I am not wasting my money. 

I struggled to find an appropriate free e-mail system. Like I said, my goal was to start with a free offering that I can build and ultimately turn into a paid subscription either with the free service or export the list and find a paid one when the need arose. (positive thinking). 

I did my research and it took me a really, long, time, to get the information gathered. Once I had completed my research, I felt that I would share it since it seemed that no one else had ever shared what I had discovered. 

The easiest way for me to convey my findings was to create a comparison chart. You can view that chart below. 

Here is how I came to my decision and maybe this will help you. First, I wanted to make sure I could always move to another service if necessary so being able to export the list was an important provision. 

I first tried Imnica Mail. I signed up and got all the way to creating an opt-in form and found that I could only create a link to a form. I wanted a signup box on the page that people could subscribe to a newsletter without having a separate popup that could potentially be blocked by a popup blocker. I checked to see if Imnica Mail had a WordPress plugin and I did not find any. There might be one but I did not find it. 

Sadly, I looked further and examined Listwire. This service was, well, OK but did not have pre-made templates for opt-in or creating an email campaign. Everything had to be made from scratch email, opt-in, etc. At least that was what it looked like. There were a few nice features of Listwire. First, it was always free but there was no upgrade for future growth. The lack of templates only made me imagine spend an entire day just to create an e-mail campaign and I don’t want to spend a huge amount of time creating emails. 

Sendfree was another free email. This one had a lot of what I was looking for…export, templates, free service that could later turn to a paid service. The free service was up to 250 subscribers which was ok. I tried to signup. In fact, I tried to signup 4 times. Each time I got a verification email with a link to click on and then was prompted to login. But I could never login. That’s why the services in the comparison chart have “unknown” for many features. I could never login to find out if the feature was available. 

That left MailChimp. Which I have heard of many times and is a reputable company. A rumor I read on some forums was that MailChimp would not let you use their service for affiliate marketing. I read the the terms of service and I did not find anything like that. What MailChimp restricts is spamming. If you spam they will close your account. 

Now, I don’t like spammers anymore than the next person so I don’t have a problem with the TOS that MailChimp put out. 

MailChimp did not have a readily available opt-in form that could be put on a website but they did have a WordPress plugin that had the capabilities of creating a form with some limited editing. I’m good with that. 

The final critical question was, can I entrust the safe-keeping and security of my business’s greatest, most important and least replaceable asset (my list) to a company whose business model is that of being a free autoresponder. 

I am confident that MailChimp will work for me. After all it worked for Cliff Ravenscraft of Podcast Answer Man. Who used to use MailChimp but has now switched to AWeber. You may want to read his article “Taking Yourself To The Next Level And So Much More!”, which is about why he switched to AWeber from MailChimp. 

So, there you go. I am using MailChimp for now.

Free Email Comparison

P.S. One last thought….my BlueHost account includes email with my hosted account. Which is another option.

Understanding SEO Basics and How to Make it Work


Today, I am now working to tackle SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Wikipedia defines SEO as, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a serch engines's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results.

Driving traffic to your website through SEO is one leg of having an effective website that can bring in money. Without the natural traffic that comes from SEO, the only other big traffic drivers are word of mouth and social media. Internet traffic that is driven through SEO is necessary to the life blood of website growth. 

One of the plugins that I use is, All in One SEO,  and is a free plugin from the WordPress site. This plugin has, no doubt, helped me to better understand SEO and how to build articles and meta tags to optimize my website. 

One piece of advice that I can offer when struggling through the multitude of plugin settings or even the available plugins is to use the internet for research about the plugin and the settings. Search for unfamiliar terms and settings. Find out what the term means and research it until you are confident that you have enough understanding to implement the feature properly. 

If you don't know or don't understand, don't implement the feature until you do understand.


Having keywords in your post is obviously important for SEO, but did you know that your graphics are also important. Especially when it comes to the title of the graphic and the alternate text. Search engines will scan the text part of the graphic but cannot see the graphic and it will therefore be ignored.

You also want to make sure that you are using keywords effectively. This can be a balancing act because if your content is too keyword dense the search engines will stop crawling your site. This can be reversed just by editing the content and removing the excessive density.

You do want to include your keywords in the title, and your first few lines of your article. Also make sure that you edit your first paragraph of your article to a heading of h2, this will tell the search engine that this information is important.

Finally, creating links. Linking to other sites is encouraged, especially if you feel the website you link to may have importance to the search engines. Additionally, having links to your site is important too but you cannot to go to someone and ask them to link to you unless you have an already established relationship with them.

One of the best ways that I am learning to get backlinks to your site is through something called curation which requires another post for another day.

P.S. Be sure to take a look at the Boomer Index on this site. I just added it this week and I think it will be a valuable resource for Baby Boomers.

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