Try Try Try Try Try Again!

Work at Home Boomer has languished as I have tried to find myself again.

cartoon_terminalI am a woman with a background in technology. I can walk circles around most people when it comes to computers. I have a background as a Programmer Analyst, System Administrator, Program designer, Technical support engineer, Operations engineer, network engineer.

Basically, I have done about anything you can do in computers. Which sounds great but, and here is the but, I can’t know every computer language out there. So even though I can program, the language that I know doesn’t apply to many of todays computer needs.

Yes, I can administer computers and I know networking but at this time in my life I am over 50 and in the corporate world I tend to be treated like the older lady that doesn’t know anything.

Many many boomers are experiencing the same problem in the corporate world and the challenge is finding myself again. Finding my niche that I can be productive and create a living.

Sure I can go back into the corporate world but the pay scale is on the downturn and I am making less and less at jobs instead of making more and more for my experience.

Because of this down turn I am trying to reshape using my skills I have developed over the years of working in the corporate world and create an income and career that allows me to survive with dignity and at the level that I desire.

I started with trying to master affiliate marketing. I have tried to get it going about 3 times now. Because of necessity I have had my focus moved to something else.

My last focus change I ended up building a business repairing computers, cell phones and tablets. That has been profitable but not as profitable as I would like. I have had to add developing of website to that business and now it is getting closer to creating an actual business that may be able to sustain us. (us as in myself, my husband, and our canine)

I have gotten to the point where I am managing my time better and I have a kind of system worked out and the repair business is growing.

I feel that maybe I can turn my attention back to affiliate marketing again. I still believe that this is a viable way to bring in income. Maybe not great income but some income that I can add to what I have coming in with my repair business.

Time will tell. I’m just going to keep writing and keep on trying to make traction.

Stay tuned for more. My goal it to try and write every Sunday about my experience and what I am trying.

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